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Exercise and Weight Loss - What Is Native Physical Fitness? by Jim Ehle

What is Native Physical Fitness? Is it Fitness that refers to the original peoples of the United States? Is it a reference to your fitness intelligence quotient? Like applied VS native fitness? It is a term that refers to the fitness capability that over 100,000 generations of humans have provided us through primal necessity and natural selection.

Your Physical Fitness Definition Will Determine Your Success by Eddie Lomax

It always amazes me that FITNESS is a multi-billion dollar industry... Yet a solid, concise and universal definition of fitness is hard to nail down. Just ask someone participating in a physical fitness program, or even someone in the fitness industry for that matter, to give you a clear definition of fitness.

The Great Importance Of Physical Fitness by Brandon John

There are those that will work very hard to get into great shape. Then there are others that might not be all that interested in physical fitness. Anyone not interested in physical fitness need to reevaluate such an attitude.

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Your Physical Fitness Program - Is it Working For You? by Troy Wynn

It's time to get serious about your physical fitness. Can you measure your results against the physical fitness components?

Your Physical Fitness Exercise Prescription - An Analytical Approach by Troy Wynn

Is it possible to make physical fitness a prescription for the rest of your life? Try this analytical approach to solve for the numerous fitness systems or programs offered by the market. With a few assumptions and variables, you can run most fitness systems through the analysis to determine if it is the right answer for you.

Reap The Benefit Of Physical Fitness by Jim O'Connor

So you think you have to spend a lot of time exercising in order to witness the benefit of physical fitness? Think again.

The Definition of Physical Fitness by Donald Holland

Interestingly, the definition of physical fitness has evolved from being focused primarily on athletic performance to include the modern health-related aspects. The reason for this evolution is because fitness or being fit can be a bit complex or abstract even, hence, the reason for so many different definitions. For instance, government health agencies and other organizations define physical fitness differently although they do agree on certain aspects.

Improve Your Physical Fitness Level by Roger Michaelson

Most of us could use some improvements in the area of our physical fitness. We have become a society hooked on sedentary activities and unhealthy diets that include fast food. Physical fitness is essential for having a body that is well cared for. Your level of physical fitness can affect your chances of developing health problems as you get older.

Physical Fitness Optimization - Not Physical Skill Maximization by Eddie Lomax

When I look at the physical fitness industry today it is painfully obvious that the industry is more concerned with maximizing specific skills than building better humans. Basically, the fitness industry has been divided into two fields... muscle growth and aerobic ability.

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